Blue and Gold - Commemorative Edition 2022 Volume 3 - Issue 01 | Page 4

Capehart ’ s Corner a growing and thriving university

Three and a half years ago , the Board of Governors of Bluefield State determined that it didn ’ t have to settle for just surviving or observing the decline of this institution . Instead , the Board decided to develop and promote a different vision for Bluefield State – a vision of a growing and thriving institution , committed to increasing enrollment and elevating the quality of education it provides . Through this shared vision , Bluefield State is now the fastest growing public university in West Virginia and one of the fastest growing HBCU ’ s in the nation .
More specifically , the 2021-2022 academic year witnessed :
• A 9 % increase in headcount enrollment - the only public college in West Virginia and one of the few in the country to have an enrollment increase .
• The largest freshman class in over 40 years and a substantial increase in the number of minority students , making Bluefield State the most diverse institution of higher education in West Virginia .
• Purchased the former Bluefield Regional Medical Center , transforming it into a vital asset for the future of medical education in this region .
• Development of an on-campus residence center and restoring student housing at Bluefield State .
• Establishing a quality dining facility for students , and the community .
• For the second consecutive year , increasing the base salary our faculty and staff , which is vital for retaining and competing for quality employees . This also rewards current faculty and staff in the face of the crippling inflation that we have been experiencing over the last year .
• Establishing 12 new sports , effectively doubling athletic opportunities for our students , including fielding a football team for the first time in more than four decades ; and
• Expanding our curriculum to offer the first graduate degree program in the school ’ s history .